Couples Counselling Bristol, Tetbury and Nailsworth

    I am an experienced and fully qualified counsellor. I work with both individuals and couples. I am a senior accredited member of the MBACP [Member of British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists].

I work in an integrative way using a variety of approaches depending on what is needed, including Gestalt, TA & C.B.T. (Cognative Behavioural Technique).

I am committed to working as a counsellor in a safe, confidential and non judgmental environment.

I work on an open ended basis or for an agreed period of time with the aim to enable you to express, understand and work through your difficulties.

If you come as a couple, I try to help you understand the patterns of relating you have created, some of which might be having a detrimental effect on your relationship. In the non judgmental and safe environment of the counselling session it may be possible for you to understand and change the unhelpful ways in which you have been relating.

I have seen many couples reexperience the love and affection they had for each other at the beginning of their relationship. It does however take hard work and commitment on the part of both the couple and the counsellor. If you come for a first session of couples counselling, you will always be assured of my complete and professional commitment in enabling you to work through your difficulties.

These are just some of the reasons that couples come to couples counselling.

If you come to me as an individual you may be coming to me for a whole variety of possible reasons some of which may be:


Change rarely happens overnight. Lasting change is often gradual. Often when one aspect of the problem makes a shift in the right direction others issues follow suit. For long term change an awareness and understanding need to take place on behalf of the client/s.

This ensures that it is the CLIENT who is in control of their process of change and recovery NOT the counsellor. The counsellor enables, facilitates, encourages and brings experience and skill but does not TELL the client how to be. It also ensures that the client make the necessary changes that they feel ready to make rather than feeling coherced or pressured to do so.

Long term counselling of 12 or more sessions enables the client to explore their patterns of relating, thinking and behaving in relation to their past. They may explore their childhood influences.This can help the client have a deeper understanding of their difficulties in the present.

In short term counselling, I will help the client to focus on their difficulties in the here and now and how they may make changes to have an immediate impact on their life in the present.

Sometimes a client may start off wanting short term work but decide to continue for longer.